1st Annual Labor Day “Picnic at the Farm” (RSVP before August 15th, click here to RSVP)

This is a free event for Surry County Alzheimer/Dementia patients and caregivers ONLY. We ask that you please limit the number of people coming to the picnic (including yourself) to no more than 2 – 3. Please RSVP using the form on this page before August 15th.

The event is being held on September 2nd from 3PM – 6PM (rain date: September 9, same time).

This free picnic is being held at the fruit orchard, berry and flower farm located at Miss Angel’s Farm, 252 Heart Lane, Mount Airy, NC and sponsored by “Touched by Miss Angel Charitable Trust.”

The “Touched by Miss Angel Charitable Trust”, is a new private, non-profit foundation to provide annual enjoyable activities for Alzheimer/Dementia patients, caregivers, family members, memory-care associated residential nursing facilities, staff and area professionals in the Surry County area.

Learn more about what inspired this picnic here.




How the free picnic came to be:

Mount Airy, North CarolinaShortly after cleaning up from a hugely successful June Peach Festival that included her annual charity-benefit pie-eating contest, Mount Airy’s “Miss Angel” (Angela Shur) of Miss Angel’s Heavenly Pies, a downtown bakery, is already planning her next philanthropic endeavor.  One that she has wanted to produce for a while.  Providing fun/respite time for Alzhemier/Dementia patients, their families and caregivers.

The Shur family is very close. All generations.  So when Angela’s mother began to show symptoms of dementia several years ago, it was a family discussion how to best meet the medical, emotional needs of “Granma” and balance that with the demands of a busy entrepreneurial family and the emotional drain of watching your loved one fade away.  “My mom has been such an amazing force in my life and in the lives of our children,” says Miss Angel.  “She was the one who was always taking care of others. It was a family decision for us to care for her as long as we could.  Everyone has contributed by taking turns.  We know, first hand, the extreme difficulty of bad days and the bittersweetness of good days.  There is not one family struggling with this illness who has not experienced the excessive stress of these down and up swings.”

Miss Angel is well-known in the Surry County area for her many years of civic charity work benefitting efforts such as the providing for the homeless, food for community meals, funds for medical care for the poor, raising funds for the Downtown Business Association and the Rotary of Mount Airy, just to name a few.  She also knows that Alzheimer’s is expensive; draining families’ bank accounts as well as emotions.  True to form, rather than focusing on the difficulties, Angela decided she could help in a small way to give patients and their families a “sweet” experience together without any cost.  Hosting specialized events at the family farm could utilize her resources and give others something to look forward to.

Thus, in honor of Angela’s mom, the “Touched by Miss Angel Charitable Trust” was created to fund these annual events for others to enjoy.

This year’s event will mark the “inauguration” of the Trust.  The Labor Day Picnic is free of charge for Alzheimer’s patients, their families and caregivers residing in Surry County.  The September 2nd 3-6PM event will include a “dedication ceremony” for the Touched by Miss Angel Charitable Trust, picnic meal, beverages, dessert (of course!), and special live music performance by “Elvis”!

Alzheimer’s and Dementia robs its patients and their families of many enjoyable times in life, but the Touched by Miss Angel Charitable Trust is set up to add a bit of sweetness once in a while.

For more event information, online RSVP, a full list of activities, and directions please go to: www.missangelsheavenlypiesinc.com , or contact Miss Angel at 516-317-6338;

  • To volunteer at the event or donate food/drinks: contact Miss Angel at 516-317-6338;
  • To make monetary donations: make checks to Alzheimer’s Association, and mail to Touch by Miss Angel Charitable Trust, 252 Heart Lane, Mount Airy, NC  27030.

Alzheimer’s Notes:

In the U.S. alone, 1 in 10 adults, ages 65+ already have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

Every 65 seconds in the U.S. someone new receives the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s/Dementia from his/her doctor.

The costs for the health care and long-term care needed for these patients is equivalent to 1% of the entire world’s gross domestic product.

Most often, only about 68% of Alzheimer’s treatment needs are covered by insurance/Medicaid/Medicare; leaving families with massive health care debt.

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